We lease strands of fibre between any two points on our network. With your own strands of fibre, you can do anything you want between the two points.

We have many route options available, can build diverse paths between most points, and can often be diverse from other carriers. We work with our customers to custom design the route through the city to meet their needs. Mesh, or ring whatever is best.

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We have most data centres in Toronto On-Net, many special purpose buildings, popular datacentres, broadcast facilities, hotels, conference centres, sporting venues, long haul landing points and of course over 600 commercial buildings. Most critical buildings have dual fibre entrances.

Dark fibre is not a replacement for a protected circuit. If your business relies on a circuit between two points, we would recommend that you have 2 diverse dark fibre routes between the two. If a cable gets cut, depending on why it gets cut it can be a long time before it’s restored. If there is a fire in an underground chamber, or some other catastrophic issue we might not even be allowed near our cable for days. If you are looking for a mission circuit between two points, we would recommend our protected Point-to-Point DWDM service, or that you have 2 dark fibre routes.

  • Beanfield Metroconnect built, owns and operates the largest independent fibre-optic network in Toronto
  • Presence in all of the popular datacentres, long haul landing sites, media properties, institutions, hotel, sporting venues, and event spaces in the city
  • Many route options available, including full diversity from 151 Front should that be a requirement
  • Our top notch Network Operations Centre monitors our network 24/7/365
  • Our Network Operations Centre is local, accessible, responsive and monitors our network 24/7/365