Beanfield fibre gets down to business.

If you think beanfield Metroconnect is like other telecommunications companies, think again. With a 100% fibre-optic network – that we own, build and operate – we’re solely in control of our network. That allows us to set our sights high. And give your business more power. Since 1988, beanfield fibre has been transforming the way business communicates with Internet, phone, private line and colocation services. Our On-Net buildings are located across Toronto, in places you work, connecting you to a world of business.

Four reasons our network changes the way you work.

1. It’s privately owned.

We do not run on any legacy network. It’s all ours – 100% fibre optic – purpose built to handle the massive amounts of data business exchanges today. With built-in fail safes and redundancies so you’re not out of touch when it matters most. You’ll get features and peace of mind you won’t find in traditional networks.

2. It’s architected to perform.

Our Toronto network architecture is built to give our customers amazing performance. Critical technologies – servers, switches and routers – that transport your data are housed in multiple beanfield POPs on opposite sides of the city. Each location can operate independently and is capable of running the city by itself. If there’s a problem with one, traffic is automatically rerouted behind-the-scenes to the other, without interruption to you.

3. It’s backed up by an unbeatable service team.

Our local provisioning and technical teams are simply the best. At beanfield, the technician you speak to on the phone is likely the same person who arrives for your service call. One-to-one service, as it should be.

4. It’s built for today’s – not yesterday’s – world.

These days, traditional telephone networks use fibre optic in conjunction with older copper wiring. But it still all radiates from a central office like it did 100 years ago, and there is almost always a single point of failure. We design to ensure the highest service availability, right down to how our cable is laid and backed up. If a connection goes down, or an entire location is lost, there’s always a failsafe that will keep things moving.