Private Networks

Dedicated Metro

We offer completely dedicated, protocol agnostic, jitter-free connectivity between any two points on our metro fibre footprint. This service is optically ring protected between POPs with a <35ms failover.

  • Our best cost/performance ratio solution
  • Wavelength-based (Layer 1)
  • Point-to-point only
  • Completely dedicated capacity
  • Intra-Metro only
  • Optically ring protected from POP to POP
  • Deterministic latency
  • VLAN tag agnostic
  • Any MTU
  • Zero jitter

Carrier Ethernet
LAN Extension

Affordable 100M, 1G, and 10G Layer 2 packet-based private connectivity across our massively redundant MPLS Network. Point-to-Point, or Multiple-points to a VLAN trunk.

  • Our lowest cost solution
  • Packet-based (Layer 2)
  • Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint
  • QinQ
  • Multipath-mesh protected from POP to POP
  • Available anywhere on our MPLS network (Inter-Metro)
  • Fixed MTU

Dark Fibre

Dark fibre is when we splice one or more strands of our fibre to build a route between any two points on our metro footprint. Customers use their own electronics to 'light' the fibre and Beanfield has no visibility into the circuit. Dark Fibre is typically used by institutions, those requiring extreme bandwidth, or who have special security requirements.

Each physical route is not protected. If protection is required, two paths need to be purchased. Our sales engineering team will be happy to work with you to find diverse physical routes between your locations.

  • Our most scalable solution
  • Dedicated physical strand(s) of fibre
  • Point-to-point only
  • Completely protocol agnostic
  • Deterministic latency
  • Nearly infinite capacity
  • Not protected
  • Intra-Metro only

Managed SD-WAN

This fully managed and monitored multi-location option is best for businesses of any size, in any location requiring reliable WAN connectivity. Last mile connections can be made on either our fibre footprint or a partner carrier, or 'over the top' connection for more challenging branches with limited connectivity options.

We use Next Gen SD-WAN Technologies as the control plane for our multi-location L3 offering. We do this because traditional carrier-based IP-VPNs create vendor lock-in, making it nearly impossible for customers to achieve competitive commercial terms.

  • Our best solution for a multi‑site enterprise
  • Available anywhere on our MPLS network, any partner network or anywhere on the Internet
  • IP based (Layer 3)

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