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The Beanfield Hosted Turret

Connect from anywhere with Beanfield's Hosted Turret, specifically designed for traders. The offering includes powerful hard or soft trader turrets with flexible configuration options and the most compact, portable design on the market. Subscribe to our Hosted Turret service and start trading from anywhere.

The command module offers 1 or 2 handsets, a speaker, 16 speaker channels, 48/96 programmable physical / touch-screen keys for private lines, broker lines, speed dials, conferencing and telecom. Platform features include barge-in, overflow call coverage, call history per line and call recording. These features can be extended across 1 or 2 additional key modules for a total of 960 programmable touchscrean hard-key functions.

Key Features

  • Work from home or anywhere with an internet connection
  • Supports up to two headsets and up to 16 programmable speakers
  • Customizable with up to two additional key modules
  • Compact design (9”H x 6”W) that allows it to be folded and taken on the road
  • Line sharing integration with Beanfield’s Hosted Voice platform

Available Turret Devices

Click on the device you are interested in to learn more.

Powered by the
Beanfield Trader Link Network

Our Hosted Turret solution interoperates with our Trader Link Network (or TLN): a SIP network that connects the Canadian financial markets from coast to coast. Beanfield's TLN is vendor neutral to ensure you can work seamlessly with any of your existing trading partners.

Our TLN services are a fully-managed solution: We deliver ARD and HOOT connectivity to financial market customers, either directly or through our extended partner network.

Beanfield Trading<br>Floor Solutions
Beanfield Trading<br>Floor Solutions
Telework &
Its unique size and design makes it the only turret that you can fold, take on the road and plug & play over the Internet.
Beanfield Trading<br>Floor Solutions
Integrates with
Beanfield Hosted
Voice solutions
Beanfield's Hosted Turret service integrates with our carrier-grade BroadWorks backbone, allowing for a unified office phone system for both turret and non-turret users. Our Hosted Voice solutions offer a full-suite UCaaS experience with Webex, or can work in tandem with your existing Microsoft Teams environment.
Beanfield Trading<br>Floor Solutions
Offers Synchronized
Compliant recording across all office communications channels (turret, ring-down lines, office phone, and collaboration tools) managed in one place.

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