Allow callers to easily reach you from anywhere in North America.

  • No set-up or activation fees.
  • Keep your existing devices and local telephone provider - no additional hardware required.
  • Quickly and seamlessly transfer your existing Toll–Free number to Beanfield or we can provide a new one.
  • Vanity numbers (e.g. 1-800-COMPANY) can be provided where available.

Our online portal provides a complete history of all calls made to your Toll–Free number(s).

  • Call history can be searched to find calls based on the caller’s country of origin, province/state or city, calling number, time of call or call duration.
  • Export your search results to gain insights into your market penetration, evaluate the success of regional promotions, facilitate further analytics, and more.


  • We provide carrier-class network-based Interactive Voice Response service to enable professional and reliable handling of your incoming Toll-Free calls.
  • Our IVR can interact with your callers by playing custom announcements and accepting telephone keypad entries.
  • Incoming calls can be routed to different DIDs based on a wide range of criteria to streamline the handling of incoming calls and optimize resource utilization.
  • Our network-based IVR approach means that you don’t need to acquire, maintain or upgrade costly hardware and software to implement a professional IVR solution.
  • We also provide fast, easy, consistent and inexpensive recording of custom announcements (in English, French and Spanish) using professional voice talent.
  • Our expert IVR implementation team will create your custom IVR routing tree in our pre-production environment where it can be fully tested and tweaked to perfection before being pushed into production.
Our IVR Packages

Our IVR Packages


Incoming calls can be routed to specified DIDs based on:

  • The caller’s area code or NXX.
  • Time of day, day of week, day of year and holiday schedules.
  • Caller ID.


  • Overflow routing to a different DID when all regular lines are busy or not answered.
  • Calls can be routed to multiple DIDs (or locations) on a circular or percentage basis.
  • Custom announcements can be played and callers can select the language they prefer.
  • Callers can enter a specified number of digits from their telephone keypad to input their menu choices or other information.


  • Incoming calls can be transferred to another party using blind, consultative or 3-way conference transfers.
  • If your lines are temporarily busy, we can sequentially queue additional incoming calls and play a courtesy announcement until a line becomes available.

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