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Hosted Voice with
Cisco Webex

Experience<br>Hosted Voice with<br>Cisco Webex

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Hosted Voice with Cisco Webex

Cloud Calling

Enrich your relationships using clear and reliable HD voice and video from your PC, tablet, smartphone, or conference room.

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Hosted Voice with Cisco Webex


Get out of your inbox and simplify your communications with a quick chat.

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Hosted Voice with Cisco Webex


Enhance workplace collaboration and make meetings more engaging with HD voice, video, messaging, screen sharing and calendar integration.

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Hosted Voice with Cisco Webex

Intelligent Collaboration

Take advantage of smart features for the modern-day business user.

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Cloud Calling

Stay connected with clear HD voice, always.

One number

Maintain a professional image with your business number across all your devices.

WiFi & VoIP calling

Place business calls with our mobile app using Voice over IP (VoIP) over a cellular or WiFi connection to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.

VoIP handover

Automatically keep your VoIP calls active as you move between data networks, such as from WiFi to LTE.

Call pull

Seamlessly move active calls from one device to another.

Multiple calls

Handle two calls at the same time and merge them into a three-way conversation.

HD video

Use high-definition video and wideband audio codecs for video calls.

Corporate directory

Easily access your corporate directory from any device.


Get out of the inbox with a quick chat instead.

Direct and group chats

Exchange messages in real-time to minimize email overload.

File sharing

Instantly share files with a simple drag and drop.


Automatically saves and archives within your spaces, so you never lose track of your chats and content.


Customize your notifications to get alerts about the messages that matter to you.

Presence Status

Reach your teammates at the right time. Smart presence takes the guess work out of your teams’ availability.

Offline Mode

View your messages and listen to your voicemail when you don’t have a data network connection, so you can always stay productive.

External Collaboration

Collaborate with people outside your company by adding external parties directly.


Meet face to face. Wherever you are.

Space meetings

Schedule a meeting or start an ad-hoc meeting with everyone in your space with a single click. And the bonus: everyone’s a host so anyone in the space can start the meeting.

Personal meeting room

Enjoy your own private and secure online meeting room with a dedicated phone number and meeting ID.

In-meeting chat

Enjoy your own private and secure online meeting room with a dedicated phone number and meeting ID.

Remote desktop control

Collaborate with your team by sharing control of your screen.

Screen sharing

Choose exactly what you want to share - your screen or just an app.

Guest collaboration

Invite external people to join you in a multimedia collaboration session.


Record meetings to watch later. Recordings conveniently store in your individual or group space for future review.

Presenter controls

Control various aspects of the meeting to manage the administrative side of the meeting.

Intelligent Collaboration

Smart features to suit all collaboration.


Create dedicated spaces to bring together your teams, your customers and your workflows.

Moderator control

Only you can add people to the space. Other perks include being able to delete people's messages or files.

Noise cancellation

Reduces disruptions with noise removal and speech enhancement.


Sometimes a quick sketch explains an idea better than words. Create a whiteboard and draw on it to share your ideas and it will save automatically.

Intuitive search

Easily search across spaces, people, messages, and files to find what you need.

Calendar integration

Create meetings on the app that integrate with your calendar.

Application integration

Capable of integration with Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce, and other popular applications. For a complete list, check the Webex App Hub.

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