We can build ASI or HD-SDI circuits between any two points on our network - ring protected, and proactively monitored 24/7.

Broadcast Video Transport, while using similar technology to our metro wave offering, carries with it a greater responsibility. Losing a broadcast video feed for even a few seconds, particularly during a live broadcast simply isn't an option. We get that.

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Each circuit is treated as a custom install and project managed from start to finish. Normally we would place an Evertz shelf in the customer's premise and build two circuits over our fibre / DWDM network to the Z-End. Our NOC will fully monitor the video input and output at each end of the circuit.

Of course, you can utilize our Dark Fibre service for video transport. Many customers do this that want to manage and monitor the signals themselves.

For long-haul transport going out of city or country, we can build a ring protected circuit to one of many long haul landing points in the city and work with a national or international partner for the delivery on your behalf.

Permanent circuits, or temporary circuits for special events. We are on-net in over 600 commercial buildings, as well as a few noteworthy locations around Toronto:

Of course the main carrier hotels

Application Diagram

Need a breathtaking live shot somewhere in Toronto?

We can find you a rooftop in an on-net building, and work with the property management for access rights to mount a camera up there. Of course we will also backhaul the signal to wherever you want, including the camera's PTZ controls.

We have a permanently installed camera on the top of our office building with a pretty stunning view of downtown Toronto. This feed is available for rent and we can drop it off (including the PTZ control) to your master control or production facility.

The camera is a Canon XU-81W. Here are some example views from this camera:

  • Beanfield Metroconnect built, owns and operates the largest independent fibre-optic network in Toronto
  • Presence in all of the popular datacentres, long haul landing sites, media properties, institutions, hotel, sporting venues, and event spaces in the city
  • Many route options available, including full diversity from 151 Front should that be a requirement
  • We do not re-sell over anybody else's network. We own and maintain all the cables and other infrastructure, from end to end. We have our own construction staff, fibre splicers, and installers
  • Our Network Operations Centre is local, accessible, responsive and monitors our network 24/7/365
  • We maintain Points of Presence and peering in Montreal and New York for more direct connections to local networks in those regions