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The Beanfield Way

"I started Beanfield over 30 years ago to truly connect communities and make the world a better place. That mission is still at the heart of everything we do. As we’ve continued to grow, the scope and ambition of our influence on sustainability, inclusion and the environment has grown, too."

"What we do as a company makes a difference and we’re committed to making sure our impacts on the planet and our communities are positive, lasting and deeply tied to our core values."

Dan Armstrong,

CEO of Beanfield Metroconnect


Diversity, equity and inclusion

We’re committed to building teams
that are not only diverse but are
equitable in how we create
opportunity, career advancement
and fair access. At the same time, we
design our policies on inclusion to
make sure each person at Beanfield
feels a sense of belonging and value.
We’re dedicating resources to
improve the livelihood of our
employees and building an inclusive
company culture.


Every day is
bring your dog
to work day

We love our pups and have always
been a dog-friendly company. We
encourage employees to bring
their canine besties with them to
work. Research has shown that
dogs promote a better social
environment and help reduce
stress in the workplace.  Beans, our
CSO (Chief Snuggle Officer),
couldn’t agree more.



In 2021, our employees will help us
take the next step in our diversity,
equity and inclusion strategy by
forming employee resource and
affinity groups. These groups will
help foster a positive work culture
and give our teams a chance to
network, socialize, develop and raise
awareness around relevant issues
that have affected their lives both in
and outside of the office. Each group
will have an executive sponsor who
will help transform and enhance our
culture by raising the bar and fueling
real change.



We’re committed to tracking and
proving the representation of
employees from underrepresented
communities at all levels of our
company. To build more inclusive
teams, we’re currently assessing
our levels of representation to
establish a benchmark that we’ll
then improve on, particularly at the
senior leadership level. We’ll
publish our performance metrics
and hold ourselves accountable as
we improve diversity at all levels.



We believe access to digital
connectivity is a human right. It’s
necessary to access education,
apply for a job, use government
services, stay in touch with family,
and so much more. Not everyone has
the same access, and this is an
inequity that we’re passionately and
proactively addressing. We’ve
donated our Internet and phone
services to community housing
locations, not-for-profit
organizations and community
shelters. On top of that, we also
provide several free public WiFi
hotspots so anyone can use our
network as they’re out and about.


young people

Young people are our future and
accessing the Internet is
fundamental to their education,
early job opportunities and personal
development. We’ve partnered with
key organizations helping youth
stay connected. Sistema Toronto is
a free afterschool music and social
development program for children
in vulnerable communities. Our
support has helped create
programming, buy supplies and
access remote education. We’ve
also helped The Daniels Corporation
supply tablets for remote education.


The road
to carbon
by 2022

We’re proactively taking
responsibility for the greenhouse
gas emissions we create in our
communities. We’ve teamed up with
Carbonzero to support us to aim for
corporate carbon neutrality across
all our operations in Ontario and
Quebec.  We’re committed to
creating a corporate greenhouse
gas (GHG) inventory, identifying
carbon reduction strategies, and
achieving carbon neutrality under
the Carbonzero certified program
before 2022.


The buzz on bees

The health of bee colonies is
fundamental to our natural
environment and global food chains.
We’ve partnered with Alveole to host
eight urban beehives across Toronto
and Montreal. Since 2018, our hives
have added around 160,000 bees to
our local environments. Our hives
are also used in interactive
workshops to educate the public
and Beanfield staff on the
importance of pollinators on ecology
and sustainability.


Putting the
brakes on

We’re phasing out as much of our
gas-powered fleet as possible and
replacing it with electric vehicles.
Once finished, this initiative will
reduce C02-equivalent emissions
by about 5,000 kg to 10,000 kg each
year. Since there are currently no electric options for large construction vehicles and installation vans,
we’re offsetting all fuel and emissions from those vehicles by supporting
the School Board Energy
Conservation Portfolio. We offset by calculating the total emissions from
any remaining non-electric vehicles
and purchasing credits to support
projects that prevent or remove
an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions in other areas.