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Learn more about Beanfield TV and great features such as PVR and Video on Demand
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Beanfield TV is a full featured TV service that runs over our fibre-optic network.

We have all the channels and packages, and some great creature comforts too!

  • You'll experience top notch picture quality
  • We never duplicate channels in our channel lineup
  • You can easily hide channels you are not subscribed to so you don't have to scroll past them in the guide
  • We carry only HD channels, (unless the channel is only offered in SD)
  • Our Cloud based PVR stores all your shows in our backend, not on your local box
Choose the storage that's right for you.
25 hrs
75 hrs
$ 5
200 hrs
$ 10

Our PVR is cloud based. There is no storage on your set-top box so this way, when you PVR a show on one TV, it's automatically available on every TV in your home that has a set-top box. Also, if your set-top box ever needs to be replaced, you won't lose all your recordings.

It's incredibly easy to use! In the Guide, just hit the red Record button on the remote, and away you go.

Beanfield PVR gives you the flexibility to choose between recording an entire season or just an episode. Our online portal allows you to view how many hours you have recorded, how many hours you have scheduled to record, and how many free hours you have. It's easy to keep track and to add and remove recordings.

Want more content to watch?

Beanfield offers Video on Demand services to all Beanfield TV customers. As a TV customer, you’ll have access to a curated list of movies and lots of free extras. We are continuously adding more content to bring you more choice and more entertainment.

Movies can easily be rented using a Beanfield PIN code provided to each TV customer. You can access VOD by pressing Menu on your Beanfield remote, and choosing the first option, On Demand.

Enjoy the additional content Beanfield Video on Demand has to offer.

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