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The Reality of Internet Speed

When More Isn’t More

Fast truths on fast lies

It won’t come as a shock when we say that the Canadian telecom industry has a bad rep for being greedy and deceptive - rightfully so. That’s why we’re proud to be different.

Honesty and transparency about our service, pricing, and speed is at the core of what we do. The truth is if we measured our speeds like other telecoms then our 1 Gbps speed would be equivalent to 1.5 Gbps or even 2.5 Gpbs. Sure, we could advertise this “faster” package by twisting our language and adding in fine print, but that would be deceitful and a money grab.

As consumers ourselves, we know how easy it is to get lost in flashy numbers and claims of “the fastest speeds”. Big telecoms know this and that’s why we’ve seen such a large advertising push for faster and fastest packages. The question is...

What are they actually giving you?

  1. Speeds that are deceptive (read the fine print)
  2. Things aren’t always as they seem. Look at the fine print big telecoms are famous for to make an informed decision. More often than not, it takes multiple wired devices running at the exact same time just to reach the total maximum download and upload speeds they “promise”.

  3. Speeds that are overkill
  4. 1 Gbps (our HONEST speed) is already overkill and way more than enough for 99.9% of home Internet users. Your online gaming, Netflix streaming, and video calls won’t improve with anything more than that so the only thing their “speeds” will do faster, is empty your wallet while fattening theirs. They thrive on confusing consumers, so you pay more for something you don’t need and something you can’t use.

  5. Speeds you can't utilize on your devices
  6. The average computer or smartphone can’t leverage these advertised “mega speeds”. Seriously. Most computers have an Ethernet port that does a max of 1 Gbps (wired connection) and no WiFi is never going to reach speeds above that. The only thing that’s “mega” are the profit margins.

So, how much speed do you really need?

drawing of people using wifi in park in Toronto drawing of people using wifi in park in Toronto

How is Beanfield different?

Easy! We don't compete for the smallest fine print or the highest perceived speed. We offer a super-fast Internet connection that will do everything you need it to, at a price that will never increase or break the bank. Learn more about our Internet.

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