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Our Fibre Internet Technology

Unparalleled reliability with the same speed for uploads and downloads
What Makes Beanfield Better?

We bring fibre cable directly into your suite.

Don't worry, all of the buildings we service have existing conduit pathways - so we don't have to drill any holes.

There is a telecom utility box, usually located in your hallway closet, where all of your telecom wiring resides. This is the box we bring our fibre to.

We install our Fibre Router (Zhone) inside your telecom utility box. This router converts the fibre to copper, and performs a networking function called NAT.


Why you need two pieces of hardware

It's very important to note that our Fibre Router does not have WiFi integrated. This is quite intentional. Since we must install the router in the telecom panel, this router is buried in a (usually metal) box. This is arguably the worst possible place to locate a Wireless Access Point, so we decided it’s optimal to use two devices instead. WiFi works on a line of sight. A speaker buried in a box in a closet, for example, wouldn't sound very good in your space, would it? So why do we think putting a WiFi Access point in there will be any different?.

Beanfield at the Forefront

Since we're limited to the telecom panel, we made a business decision to separate the Routing functions from the WiFi because our target market is condos. This paradigm is starting to really catch on in Europe and Asia, as those societies are more multi-dwelling-building centric. North America is very detached-home minded, where the old combined router + WiFi paradigm was born. Since Toronto is at the forefront of the condo boom in Canada, and Beanfield is at the forefront of technology in this condo boom, it makes sense that we push for the paradigm best suited for multi-dwelling-buildings.

wifi device
wifi device

We can supply a very high quality WiFi Access Point - an AirTies 4920 (Air 4920). These units are spectacular on their own, but you can also use more than one of them and they will form an intelligent mesh. They are the absolute best mesh APs on the market today. Since we deliver so much more real downloading & uploading speeds than our competitors, we have to be at the forefront of WiFi technology. WiFi will never be perfect, but we are doing our best to make sure it's as great an experience as possible.

Location, Location, Location

Our WiFi Access Point does not do any Routing (NAT). You can sort of think of it as an antenna. The idea is to place one or more WiFi Access Points out in the living area are closer to where people actually use them. This way you get more throughput and can get closer to the line rate.

Bring your own WiFi Access Point

You can use your own wireless device with our fibre Internet service, however, it must be placed into "Bridge Mode". If not, you will be performing double NAT and that makes things.....really.....slow. More than 80% of our service calls are from customers using their own access points and experiencing double NAT resulting in slow service, so we can't stress this point enough.

Our technicians are happy to help set this all up for you if you decide to use your own access point. We want to ensure you have the best service and experience, so we are always here to assist.

The AirTies 4920 is Beanfield's preferred WiFi access point. Chosen for its crystal-clear signal strength, the AirTies 4920 is the simply best Mesh Access Point on the market today, bar none.

Beanfield has always been proud to deliver much better real download and upload speeds than our competitors. We achieve this by always remaining at the forefront of WiFi technology. WiFi will never be perfect, but we make it our mission to ensure each and every customer consistently receives the best experience possible.

Note: You can use your own wireless device on our service, but we can't guarantee that it will perform as well as using our recommended hardware.

Need Help Setting Up?

Of course, our technicians are always happy to help set it all up for you. So, if you're not especially technical, don't worry – just sit back and let us take care of everything.

beanfield van
beanfield van