Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why don't you offer bundles?

Because we have a stubborn CEO.

I believe that bundles are dishonest. It’s 2017. Everybody has Internet. To advertise two separate services with higher prices that are cheaper when in a bundle is a psychologically deceptive way to try and make a consumer think they get a better “deal”. Why don’t we just put forth our best price for Internet & TV and not play all these silly games?

Dan Armstrong

Q There is fibre in my building from another provider. Why can’t I get Beanfield service?

We do not resell or use any other carrier network or cabling to provide our service. Because we own and operate our own independent network, it takes us more time to expand our network. If you are interested in bringing Beanfield Fibre into your building, please reach out to

Q Why doesn’t the Fibre Router have WiFi built in?

When deciding where to place a WiFi access point, location is everything. In most condominiums, the telecom infrastructure is situated in your front hall closet which is not an ideal location for WiFi signal. It’s best to have your WiFi device installed where you will use it the most, such as your living room or bedroom. For this reason and to provide an optimized WiFi experience, we deliver a second device specifically for WiFi. This WiFi device can now be placed in an area that works best for you and your many devices.

Q What if I want to use my existing router?

Our fibre router has routing capabilities built in which means you do not need to provide your own router. If you intend on using your existing router for WiFi, our support team can assist you with setting up the device in bridge mode strictly for WiFi purposes. That said, our recommendation is to use the hardware provided by Beanfield as this would provide more efficient troubleshooting if ever needed. Some advanced users may want to use their own router for special purposes. If this is the case, reach out to us at for further information.

Q Is your Internet service really unlimited?

Yes. Always! You will never encounter overage fees so download away!

Q Can I expect to receive the speeds as advertised?

When we deliver the Internet to your unit, we are delivering uninterrupted access to the Internet at the speed that you are paying for. In fact, we fully test this during the installation process. We do not throttle your connection or have congestion on our network that would limit your speed. There are factors that can limit your speed that are not within our control such as WiFi interferences, hardware limitations (i.e. devices you may own that are not capable of the fast speed that we offer), etc. In any case, we are always here to help! If you encounter less than optimal speeds one of our technicians can help you pinpoint the source of the issue.

Q Do I need to purchase a base TV package or can I just buy A la carte channels or theme packs?

The CRTC requires every TV subscriber to purchase a bare minimum set of channels. In our case, this is the Skinny Basic package which can be purchased for only $20/month. We offer a wide variety of channels which can be purchased A la carte (individually). This allows you to tailor your channel lineup based on your viewing preferences. We also offer theme packs which include popular channels within specific genres.

Q Can I buy TV if my building doesn’t have Beanfield fibre?

Our TV service operates exclusively on our fibre network. This is actually a requirement of our Broadcast Distribution License. Your building must have Beanfield Fibre in order to purchase our TV service. If you are interested in bringing Beanfield Fibre into your building, please reach out to

Q My building has Beanfield fibre. Can I buy TV without purchasing Internet?

Of course you can. Our TV service is available anywhere within our fibre network but let’s be honest - you’re going to want our Internet too! We do charge a $150 installation fee for TV-only customers.

Q Do you support GO services such as TSN Live Streaming and CNNgo?

We are currently in the process of finalizing all the agreements with the various content owners so that we can offer these services. We expect these to be available in the next month or two.

Q Do you offer PVR?

Every TV subscriber on the Beanfield network automatically receives an introductory amount of PVR storage. At any point, you have the option of purchasing additional storage.

Q Can I rewind live TV?

Yes. You can pause and rewind live TV!

Q Do I have to have a set top box for each TV?

Every TV in your home will require it’s own set top box. Our packages include one set top box. Additional boxes may be purchased or rented as needed.

Q If I record a show on one TV, will I be able to view it on another TV?

Yes, our PVR is actually cloud based - so you can see all of the shows you record on all your TV's automatically.

Q How do I manage my channel lineup?

To add or remove channels, please contact our Customer Experience Team at We do expect to have a self service option available on our customer portal soon.

Q Does your TV service support 4K?

Our service is technically 4K ready - however we are having a challenge negotiating the content rights for the two channels in our market that are 4K. (Sportsnet 4K and TSN4K). The moment we have these agreements with the content owners, we will be offering 4K channels.

Q Can I use my own remote control?

We provide a Beanfield remote with the purchase of our TV services. Our remote control is RF (which means you can hide your set top box. It does not need to be visible for the remote to work). Unfortunately, this also means that IR universal remotes do not work with it. We are hoping to support IR remotes soon.

Q Can I use my existing phone?

Yes, our home phone services are compatible with all standard home phone hardware.

Q Can I keep my existing phone number that’s currently with another provider?

Of course you can! We will port your number from any other provider.

Q Where can I find your long distance rates?

Our long distance rates are available within our residential home phone services section here.

Q Can I order phone service without Internet service?

Of course you can. Our home phone service is available anywhere within our fibre network.