A true independent alternative

We build, own and operate our entire fibre network.
How many other companies can say that?

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Same speed uploading and downloading. No usage caps.
No overage charges. No throttling. No joke!

250Mbps package

$50 Per Month
Fibre router without WiFi (required)
$8.00/mo or $100 one time rental fee
Add 802.11 AC Dual Band WiFi
$7.00/mo or $90 one time rental fee

Installation fee $50.00

500Mbps package

$75 Per Month
Fibre router without WiFi (required)
$8.00/mo or $100 one time rental fee
Add 802.11 AC Dual Band WiFi
$7.00/mo or $90 one time rental fee

Installation fee $50.00

1Gbps package

$100 Per Month
Modem and Wifi

4 month commitment required
beanfield TV

Beanfield TV is a full featured TV service that runs over our fibreoptic network.

We have all the channels and packages, and some great creature comforts too!

  • - Top notch picture quality
  • - We never duplicate channels in our channel lineup
  • - You can easily hide channels you are not subscribed to so you don't have to scroll past them in the guide
  • - We carry only HD channels, (unless there is only an SD Version available)
  • - Cloud based PVR - all your shows are stored in our headend, not on your local box!

Packages and Pricing

Skinny Basic $20 per month

Legacy Packages are still available: Legacy Packages

Add The Essentials for $45 per month

+ includes over 20 time shifted channels

Don't need all of the Essentials? Check out our Theme Packs tab for more options.

Choose the storage that's right for you.

Beanfield TV offers full PVR functionality with upgradeable storage. Pick the storage option that's right for you.

20 hrs
per month
60 hrs
per month
120 hrs
per month
200 hrs
per month
200 hrs
one-time charge for life

Essential 1 $25 per month

Essential 2 $12 per month

Essential 3 $12 per month

Time Shifting $6 per month

Includes over 20 time shifted channels

Nature + Travel + Animals $8 per month

Dude Stuff $8 per month

Entertainment $8 per month

World News $5 per month

Family $8 per month

More Movies $8 per month

More Sports $7 per month

Science + Docs $8 per month

Lifestyle + Variety $8 per month

Music Lifestyle $7 per month

LOL $8 per month

DIY $5 per month

Francophone - Les Autres $8 per month

Premium TMN $20 per month

Premium Superchannel $15 per month

Basic add on channels

All of your long distance calls within Canada is included in your monthly fee. For an additional $5 per month you can even add unlimited long distance to the Continental USA. Because you’re making calls on beanfield fibre, you’re getting so much more from your phone. Like clearer calling. Reliability. And true savings.

With beanfield fibre, many of the features you used to pay for are now part of your low monthly bill. Voicemail. Caller ID. Call Forwarding. All included. Plus never miss an important call again with our FindMe/FollowMe section – forward calls to one or more locations or have calls sent to multiple numbers in a sequence until one is answered.

Choose a plan that is right for you. We have two plans and no contract, with ultra-fast installation times.

Standard Home User $15 monthly

Free long distance across Canada.
All features included.

Premium Home User $20 monthly

Free long distance across Canada
& Continental USA.

(For customers who choose not to subscribe to Internet with Home Phone, a $150 home phone installation fee is applicable)

International Rates

Live Chat
Call: 416.532.1555
  • Beanfield is local. We live, work and play where we do business. Based in Liberty Village, which includes our support team and call centre, we are neighbourbood focused and local.
  • Beanfield is condos. We are primarily focused on servicing condominiums in high density areas at the moment. We are working as fast as we can to hook up as many buildings each month as possible.
  • We do not re-sell over anybody else's network. We own and maintain all the cables and other infrastructure, from end to end. We have our own construction staff, fibre splicers, and installers.