East Liberty & Pirandello St.
Boulevard Revitalization Project

What Is It?

Beanfield Metroconnect, in Partnership with the LVRA, have been working on a way to revitalize the boulevards of East Liberty St. The landscaping currently in place between the road and the sidewalk needs improvement. The sod is not thriving and the trees aren’t either.

We’ve come up with a solution to improve this stretch of street and construction has already begun!

Why are we doing this?

While running our fibre-optic cables along East Liberty St we had to dig up a section of the land. When it was time to put it back together, we realized it really wasn’t that great to begin with. The sidewalks aren’t wide enough, the grass is often patchy and dead, and the trees are barely surviving. Liberty Village is our home and it’s important to us that it is vibrant and viable. What we have right now just isn’t working and we see an opportunity to make it great.

Beanfield decided to explore solutions. We partnered with the LVRA to discuss what our options were – do we simply add some paving stones or do we think bigger? We hired the team at Planning Partnership to provide professional advice and, after surveying the area, they provided a spectacular design that addressed all of our concerns.

They identified that the trees have been dying for 3 reasons:

  1. The soil is far too compacted and the roots just can't propagate. The quality of the soil is also very poor.
  2. The species of trees simply won't thrive in this environment, and won't thrive with the other species of trees that are nearby.
  3. As much as we all love dogs in Liberty Village (shout-out to our office dog Ben), thousands of them using the tree trunks for a toilet further stresses the trees.

Beanfield has agreed to sponsor this section of the boulevard as a pilot project to show the neighbourhood it can be done. Our goal is that this will encourage others to do the same and to spark an ‘Adopt a Block’ Program to get businesses in Liberty to sponsor all of the sections along East Liberty for similar enhancement.

If you have any questions, comments, or you want to help, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you! You can contact us at elblvd@beanfield.com

Adopt a Street Tree

Liberty Village is going to be the next community which is starting an Adopt a Tree program to give our newly planted trees a fighting chance!

The Adopt-a-Street-Tree program is a collaborative effort between LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests), the City of Toronto, and community groups. It encourages and guides community tree-care, helping the city’s most vulnerable trees grow to their leafiest potential so that Torontonians can enjoy the numerous benefits that a lush urban canopy provides.

Join the Liberty Village Adopt-A-Tree program and help keep the street’s newly planted trees alive through their precarious first four years when their root systems are still shallow.

It’s easy – sign up for a specific young tree and from spring to fall make sure it gets five gallons of water each week when there’s been no or insufficient rainfall for its first four years. It’s a terrific thing to do with kids or while walking the dog. If you’re interested in being a “tree parent/family” or have any questions, send an email to libertyaatree@gmail.com. We’ll launch soon!