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Business Phone

Business Phone<br>Services

Hosted Business

We offer ultra-reliable business phone service, with crystal clear voice quality, delivered directly to your location(s) on our very own fibre-optic network.

SIP Trunking

If you still want an on-premise solution, we've got you covered. Connect your PBX or softswitch to the world with our SIP Trunking service and take advantage of our highly reliable geo-redundant backend and dedicated IP connection for your voice traffic.

Trading Floor

We've deployed the first carrier-hosted Wesley Clover Eclipse turret phone offering. With this service, the complexity of running trading floors can be dramatically reduced with the ability to easily take on new users without having to worry about backroom hardware.

With the acquisition of Trader Link Networks, we now offer a full site suite of connectivity options for your trading floor. Automatic Ring Down + Hoot & Holler can connect to other trading desks around the continent.

Toll-Free IVR

North American toll-free is also available at highly competitive bulk rates with bespoke Network IVR.

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